An old French drinking song by Pierre Motin went as follows: “Bacchus we thank who gave us wine / Which warms the blood within our veins / That nectar is itself divine / The man who drinks not, yet attains / By godly grace to human rank / Would be an angel if he drank.” Some people may like white zinfandel or a fruity pinot grigio, while others may prefer the rich aromas of a pinot noir or a bordeaux blend, but there is a wine variety for almost everyone, which makes a wine-related gift the ideal choice for a wedding favor. From personalized wedding favor wine bottles to cleverly themed wine stoppers, there are many options to choose from.

The best way to approach a wine bottle wedding favor is to go with a local winery, where you will be able to actually sample the wine that’s going into the bottles. As you already know, there can be some really awful wines out there! The last thing you want is for your guests to feel they are sipping on an old shoe! For a list of local wineries and vineyards, you can check out or do a quick Google search. Most wineries deal in wedding favor ideas now, offering customized labels and mini bottles as well, but it’s still advisable to ask. Some of the most widely appreciated varieties include blush wines, like White Zinfandel or Rose; white wines like Riesling or Pinot Grigio; or red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz.

To find the best wedding favor wine labels, you can check out the classy selections at These labels range in cost, from 53 cents for 120 to 50 cents for 300. For an extra $25, you can add your own custom artwork if you’d like. There are other quality sites to check for custom wine label wedding favor ideas, such as, or If you don’t mind printing your own labels from your home computer, you may want to play around with free computer software like SmartCode Studio Community Edition ( or LabelXP (

Of course there are cheaper ways to shower your guests with wine wedding favor gifts too. Coaster favors are one of the most popular wine-related wedding party gifts for under $1. These glass coasters will fit any photo of your choice, so you can insert a little of your personality into the favor with the image you choose, such as a personal picture, a destination photo or artwork related to your theme. At, you can purchase Fall Leaf design bottle openers for as low as $1.70 or distinctive wine-themed candles for $1.20.

cork screw favor

A cute wine theme favor!

At, you can buy a stainless steel cork screw favor tool and a matching spreader knife you can get separately too.  A multi-functional heart design wine pourer/stopper is another great gift perfect as a wine theme wedding favor. As you can see, there are many options for all budgets.

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Is your child a fanatic of Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter? In that case, they will fancy hosting a birthday party using Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies. This celebration is often the style where all the party supplies and party favors are centered on the Alice in Wonderland plan, or you could switch into an
Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter fancy dress party. A fancy dress party vary from a costume party in that the merchandise doesn’t have to be specifically from Alice in Wonderland.

The outfits at a fancy dress can be Mad Hatter Costume, but it’s still feasible if only a bit of the essentials are available. For instance, the Mad Hatter fancy dress could include an ornamented top hat, and a jacket with tails. The rest of the apparel can be the child’s normal clothing, and it’s still an exciting strategy to dress up for the occasion. Be it a costume party or a fancy dress party, there’s tons of opportunity for resourcefulness when setting up for this birthday party.

Assuming you have room in your budget, get a baker to create a customized Alice in Wonderland birthday cake. There are many ways to attainacco this in order to scale down the budget. Instead of picking a huge cake, ask the baker to make one in keeping with how many guests it needs to feed. yet another alternative is to ask them to bake a sheet cake using Alice in Wonderland themed cake decorations.

In case you can’t afford to employ the service of a baker, there are numerous craft suppliers with cake decorating sections. That way, you can get your own supplies and create your own Alice in Wonderland birthday cake. If you’re not knowledgeable with themed birthday cakes, try baking a couple practice cakes a week or two before the birthday party.

When picking out for the rest of the Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies, don’t neglect to get Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter fancy dress items for you and your party assistants. While you’re at it, buy some disposable cameras to set out all over the party location. In that manner, if you’re too pre-occupied
assisting the occasion, family and friends can collect memories on the cameras.

Don’t forget to gather them all right after the occasion. That way, right after all the pictures are created, you can make an Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter styled album. You can even use some of the shots to construct photo based thank you cards to send out to all the participants in attendance.

Accentuate the food table almost like how the tea party appeared in the Mad Hatter scene, if it’s possible. Even if this isn’t a tea party, you can always prepare the guests refreshments using teapots. There’s no rule against putting fruit punch in a teapot, so have fun with this!

Think about offering cucumber sandwiches, and also other finger foods same as what would be observed at a magnificent tea party. This food will be unexpected at a birthday party, which works in wonderfully with an Alice in Wonderland subject because nothing about this story is what’s assumed.

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A Constructions Pals party is a great idea for a toddler’s birthday. Usually, kids up to 7 years of age will have fun with an event that surrounds construction machines in all types of colors. As a parent or guardian you’ll want to arrange the best beautiful decorations of the event area and to prepare games which is interesting for everyone who attends.

One item to decorate with is with a Construction Pals pinata. A pinata is filled with candy or other goodies kids love. Usually each child is blindfolded and allowed a chance to hit the pinata hoping to break it open which would spill out the candy inside. Kids love to run up to it as soon as it opens to catch the contents pouring out! Pinatas can be purchased at your local party store and filled with the treats of your choice. Tablecloths, centerpieces, balloons and curling ribbons should also be used when decorating as well.  Exactly the same applies to wall decorations such as decals. Just be sure that the decoration items are in the suitable colors for the concept that are yellow, aqua blue, light green and orange and/or match the theme.

Beautify each table with a inspired centerpiece. A plastic figurine from any of the Construction Pals is a good choice. You should absolutely look into placing a foil balloon with a picture of the respective character to the centerpiece. Lots parents like to have personalized centerpieces and balloons for the tables with a photo of their child alongside the Construction Pal. This is exactly a interesting choice provided that you are contented by it.

Put a few small toys at the tables and bigger ones in the corner of the room to create the Construction Pals Party more interesting. You could readily acquire plastic toy construction vehicles and cars at extremely reasonable prices. Get a couple of these per table. Larger toys of this type can add to the enjoyment too. You can put orange cones throughout the room to help make the games with these toys more fun. Just remember that all toys needs to be right for the age of the attendees.

Think about acquiring different card and board Construction Pals party games at every table. You can easily acquire ones suitable for almost any age. Card matching games are great interesting for young ones. Board games like Candy Land are incredibly amusing too.

Arrange activities that all the attendees can participate in together. Freeze tag and hide and seek are known as the most prominent choices. You must consider twister as well. Older kids may enjoy bingo. If you want to form the Construction Pals party reallyentertaining, it is best to consider preparing a treasure hunt for any goodies that you wish to give. This can be the better option compared to having these in goodie bags in the tables. Then the winner of the treasure hunt can be given a fun Construction puzzle as a prize for winning the game! Construction theme puzzles also make great birthday gift ideas for the birthday boy or girl too!

Construction Puzzle

Melissa & Doug Construction Floor Puzzle

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